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As a kid my dad allowed me to use his film camera. My sister and I gratefully used it to make our own sketches and movies. We enjoyed writing scripts, putting together scenes, rehearse, shoot and edit. We did it all and from the first moment I got hooked.

Fast forward in time, I was 18 in the mean while, I gained an interest in photography after a road trip where I saw the most beautiful scenery. I bought a Canon 450D with a 15-55mm kitlens and started to make pictures of almost everything I could point the camera at.

Then I started working in aviation and started to explore the world around me. I love to travel, to explore unknown places and submerge in a different surrounding.

Photography is still in my heart. I’m a self-taught enthusiast and I enjoy getting outside with my camera and sincerely hope you will too!

If you are reading this, chances are you have an interest in photography as well. With this website I intend to create a platform to share my experiences and I hope you find them useful and  entertaining.

As everyone, I had to start somewhere. It has been a long journey to the point where I’m right now and I’ve still got a long way to go. I’d love to share my experiences and knowledge gathered so far. As photography can be quite overwhelming as you’re getting started, I’m currently working on a step-by-step guide on photography. When it’s ready, you will find it in the ‘guide’ section on this website so make sure to come back if you’re interested!

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